Art Gallery of G. H. Vashchanka

Art gallery is named after the National artist of Belarus, the professor, the Academician of painting who has created a set of pictures, graphic and monumental works of art. The career of Gabriel Vaschenko, undoubtedly, has affected the whole Belarusian art. It is proved by the highest state awards and ranks.

The art gallery was opened on February, 5th, 2002. It was gratitude of the city for gift of 50 pictures which laid the foundation for the Gallery collection. Now the gallery collection is being constantly refilled with works by exposed artists. The main activity of the gallery is carrying out of exhibitions of the fine arts. The main approach in its work is to exhibit art of invariably high level. Every year the gallery holds about 30 exhibitions, both in own halls, and outside the gallery, including other countries. The exhibitions shown in the gallery include practically all genres of the modern art from classical realism and to abstract conceptual installations. The geography of exhibitions is also rather wide.

In gallery the art shop was opened. At the moment it offers the great variety of works of art and goods for artists: from paints to works by Gabriel Vaschenco. The fine arts of all possible techniques and the genres are presented at the art shop. It can satisfy the taste of a most particular visitor.